Bhutan Travel Guide

Bhutan Travel Guide: Information Every Traveller Needs to Know

Bhutan is the foremost enticing and gorgeous travel country among the globe.

Bhutan scores amidst a powerful aesthetic culture, a peaceful community, and diverse natural landscape that extends from the Himalayan Mountains toward the north to verdant wildernesses covering the south.

Exploring and visiting Bhutan country wants several things to remain in mind before turning out along with your trip. Bhutan tourist places are renowned all around the world.

  1. Visa

Guests from India, Bangladesh, and conjointly the Maldives do not need any visa to travel to the country, but all various countries guests travelling to the country would require a visa.

Passport holders from India, Bangladesh, and conjointly the Maldives are classified as “regional tourists” whom they’ll get a free entry permit on arrival.

Other country mortal visas are processed through an internet system by the tour operators. The country’s industrial enterprise Council issues them once the whole payment of the worth of the trip has been received.

  1. Transportation

Domestic flights: Native airports Bumthang in the central country, Tashigang among the east, and Gelephu among the south are operational. Still, Tashigang and Gelephu airport is not operational at the moment.

Taxi: Few native taxi drivers can speak Hindi, and mortal can rent a taxi for native site seeing.

Organised tours Vehicle – All travelling transportation organised by the tour operator.

Personal Vehicle: Mortal would possibly drive own car; however, it wants additional work on arrival at the entry purpose. They will need to get the authorised letter from the Road Safety and Transport Authority.

  1. Travelling Cost

Bhutan is relatively expensive to travel to compared to the other countries.

Indians, Bangladeshis, and Maldivians accustomed to being exempt from the daily fee due to reciprocity demands between governments, but the minimum daily fee for several foreigners is:

$250 per person per day from March – would possibly, and solar calendar month – Nov (high season)

$200 per person per day from solar calendar month – Feb, and Gregorian calendar month – August (low season)

The daily fee includes:

  • 3-star accommodation.
  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner.
  • Licensed guide.
  • All transportation within the country, except flights.
  • All Entrance fees.
  1. Season/month to travel to the country

The Asian country is a good destination to travel in any season like summer, winter, spring and fall, making the climate in the country supernatural.


If you would like to determine an improved and clear look of the vary of Mountains and be astonished by the plush inexperienced paddy fields and landscapes, you would like to go to Bhutan among the month of June to August.

Haa competition, that’s in addition celebrated by Bhutanese throughout this season.


Punakha Dromche and Tshechu – a contest that marks the commencement of the country throughout the sixteenth century is standard in the winter season that begins in December month and lasts till Feb.

You can together experience snow throughout this season.


This is the only time to travel to Bhutan’s king throughout the Paro Tshechu, where you will be ready to see him collaborating among the festivities, other than this Dalbergia nigra flower blooms in the country among the month of May possibly.

Treks to Jomolhari and Drukpath together begin throughout this season.


Black-Necked Crane competition that happens around the enticing Phobjikha depression and conjointly the ThimphuTshechu around Thimphu, the up to date capital is standard throughout this season.

  1. Traveller Places of country

There are four most attractive places to travel to in-country

  • Tiger’s Nest cloister

The Tiger’s Nest cloister together grasp as Paro Taktsang and Taktsang Palphug cloister. Set among the cliffside of the upper depression in the country.

It has sparkly lights, a golden dome and idols that make its interior even plenty of marvellous. A large sculpture of a tiger that’s graven out of a rock is found among the hall of 1 thousand Buddhas. Tsechu competition is standard among the Paro depression among the respect or Padmasambhava, throughout March or April. There are ample of places to visit in Paro, it is one of the hubs in Bhutan.

  • Punakha Dzong

Punakha Dzong is the second-largest and second oldest Dzong that has the most majestic structures in the country.

Punakha Dzong was designed at Pho Chhu and Mo Chhu rivers’ confluence that converges throughout this depression. On sunny days it’s a really pretty sight to travel to as daylight is reflective of the water onto its white-washed walls.

  • Zuri Dzong Hike

This Dzong is improbably oldest and sinks the realm is believed to be the placement where Buddha came to meditate among the eighth century. A bridge and double walls protect this.

  • Gangtey depression in winter

Valley of Gangtey is in addition grasp as ‘Shangri-La of Bhutan’ and ‘Phobjikha depression’ is one in every of the foremost beautiful valleys among the formation.

The best time to travel to a period of time is early winter (October to December), Late Winter (December to February), summer (June to July)

  • The language used in-country

The national language of the country is Dzongkha. But the English language is used as a medium of education, so communication shouldn’t be a tangle.

  1. Native Currency of country

Ngultrum (Nu) is Bhutanese currency. The Bhutanese unit is secure one – one with the rupee, and mortal pays everywhere with the rupee. ATMs among the large cities of the country together accept VISA and MasterCard.

  1. Bhutanese food

The food of the country is improbably spicy. Many hotels in the country offer some tasty and spicy food. Bhutanese food contains a quiet influence on India, China and the country.

Ema datse, the nation’s national food, could also be a tasty curry of chillies and farmer’s cheese, matched including nutty red rice. it’s together lidded off beside ezay flavourer, that’s in addition manufactured from dried chillies.

  1. Connectivity

Tashi cell and Bhutan telecommunication are two mobile operators of Bhutan. For employing a movable to form decision you would like traveller SIM for this you needed passport copy, permit/visa to urge association.

From on top of two operators, Tashi cell is very counselled thanks to its high connectivity and signal strength.

Some Hotel conjointly offers wireless local area network to its traveller customers.

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